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Christopher Haner: An Experienced Elder Law Attorney In Oyster Bay, NY

As we grow older, considering the destiny of our assets becomes more and more important, especially when we have loved ones that we want to be taken care of once we’ve passed. This is a legitimate concern and it must be taken seriously, but we must also take into account our own well-being as we get older and may require ongoing medical care.

At C. Haner Law, PLLC, our firm knows how significant these considerations are, and the importance of proper legal representation in order to ensure the safety of not only our clients’ assets but their medical wellbeing as well.

With over eight years of experience as a senior law attorney, attorney Christopher Haner is at the top of his field when it comes to experienced elder care law attorneys. Our firm has shown in our thorough casework that the senior clients we represent are well taken care of and thoughtfully considered every step of the way.

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Why Do I Need An Elder Law Attorney?

Christopher Haner: An Experienced Elder Law Attorney In Oyster Bay, NY

Growing older is an immense privilege, and we know that the worry of health care and the preservation of our assets can be taxing things to not only consider, but protect. Our firm aims to take this burden off of our client’s shoulders and allow them to enjoy retirement and time with loved ones without worrying about the protection of their health and estate.

At the Firm of C. Haner Law, PLLC, we are especially cognizant of the distinct and unique legal needs that our senior clients require. This is not only to benefit our clients themselves but their loved ones as well. Having a thoughtful and trustworthy elder law attorney to act as an advocate for the rights of seniors is very important in the legal world, where seniors can be often overlooked and unconsidered.

Long-Term Medical Care

We prioritize assisting our clients with setting up long-term plans for their medical well-being and long-term care needs. The primary way that we do this is by walking our clients through the Medicaid process and ensuring their eligibility for benefits in the future. This is a complex and often confusing process, and having professional oversight to make sure it is done correctly and efficiently is crucial for our client’s long-term success.

In addition to Medicaid, an elder law attorney will be an important resource for other options of public and private health care assistance, and this is an invaluable asset to have when you are in need of such services.

Trust And Estate Planning

On top of our client’s health, another important consideration is their estate. Our firm is dedicated to ensuring the preservation of our clients’ estates in accordance with their terms and wishes. Elder law estate planning lawyers are skilled professionals that know the intricacies of this specific sect of law, giving them the tools necessary to give your estate planning the best possible care and deliberation. The importance of setting up thoughtful plans for your estate is a crucial part of ensuring that your loved ones and future generations are properly taken care of.

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Why Is Christopher Haner The Best Elder Law Attorney Near Me?

Christopher Haner: An Experienced Elder Law Attorney In Oyster Bay, NY

Attorney Christopher Haner has shown with his careful consideration of each case that he is dedicated to the advocacy of his senior clients. This is a vital trait in elder lawyers that makes a considerable difference in the way our clients’ rights are cared for. Our firm understands the legal complexities that ensue as a result of getting older, whether it’s social security benefits, disability, retirement plans, or estate planning. All of these things deserve precise and skillful legal backing in order to ensure the future safety of our clients. We hold ourselves to the high standard that our clients require in order to have the security of a healthy and fruitful future.

Not only do we value our clients’ medical wellbeing, but also the future of their estate. We provide the services necessary to ensure the security and protection of our clients’ legacy, and provide its preservation for generations to come.

If you or a loved one is in need of an experienced and competent elder law attorney in the Oyster Bay, NY area, do not hesitate to contact our office for an initial consultation today.

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